Purify, Beautify and Happify your workplace with Plants!

Our customers, and all of us at Fantastic Plants agree that having office plants brings many benefits by having plants at work. Firstly it sends a message that a workplace is better off, with nature nearby to inspire and encourage better work. Secondly, plants are natural air conditioners, they reduce air toxicity and help us to breathe easier. And if all that is not a dealmaker to invest in an office mini-jungle then don’t forget that plants add real beauty to an otherwise “business as usual” workplace.

Here is some good science from UTS Sydney about the multitude of benefits of plants at work. This study went deep into areas of air quality, stress and sickness reduction plus the eureka finding that investing in plants can actually repay more than the cost of their upkeep.  

Plants can reduce stress and improve our mood

The simple act of looking after a plant can improve our mood and bring out our caring and compassionate side. Having plants around can add a sense of calm, positivity and optimism while reducing stress levels, anxiety and depression. There is twenty years of research in public health and psychology that supports the Norwegian Fjeld et al study which suggested that the benefits of plants extend beyond our physical health to our psychological well- being. Captain Fantastic agrees- plants put him in a great mood and he would like to show you how Fantastic Plants in your life can make you feel much better too!

Plants can make you smarter and improve well-being

Who would have thought that plants can make you smarter and healthier! According to Exeter University researches in the UK, indoor plants were found to improve concentration and productivity as well as boosting well-being at work by 47%. Memory retention also went up by 20% simply by having plants around.  What better reason to have Captain find you the perfect lush green plants for your home or office to help you boost your health and productivity.


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