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POP! PLANT with printed fabric sleeve and saucer.

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Fantastic Plants offer a unique plant experience born from a need to do something with our ivy cuttings that are routinely trimmed from our rental displays and then grown into full size plants, sold to our customers (and their friends) with all proceeds being donated to Launch Housing to assist in their efforts towards ending homelessness. Each potted plant is ready to offer a full plant experience for their new plant parent. Easy to care for (comes with care instructions) and hardy these ivy plants can easily, over time, grow to over 3m in length. Will be happy in low light rooms or bright, indirect light. Likes a warm-ish location such as a living room or bathroom away from cold draughts. Cost per plant includes ivy plant in a 170mm diameter pot, fabric sleeve (made in Melbourne from 100% recycled plastic bottles) in 20+ design options, saucer and free delivery to your office in Melbourne CBD & South Melbourne. Approximate plant height from bottom of pot to top of plant varies from 500mm to 600mm. Delivery time 1-3 working days.

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